Hoarding is an unfortunate reality for the management teams of any residential facility. More than just a nuisance and legal hassle, hoarding can cause a major threat from fire, mould, and bio-hazards – for the unit in question, the entire building, and its occupants. Luckily, the experienced staff at Spectrum knows how to handle this delicate matter with speed, efficiency and compassion, to minimize the stress involved.

If you’ve discovered a hoarding situation, contact us for help.

As needed, our hoarding clean-up program includes:

  • Rapid on-site assessment.
  • Proper disposal of undesired or contaminated property.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the area.
  • Odour control.
  • Mould removal and remediation (see Mould services).


Like a hoarding situation, a grow-op can cause a massive problem for a building. It’s not unusual for a grow-op to be associated with a fire or flood hazard, as well as the very real potential of mould and bacteria growth, under the warm moist growing conditions. If you discover a grow-op in your property, contact Spectrum for an emergency assessment. We’ll provide disposal, clean-up, sanitation, and restoration services to get your property looking and functioning normally again.