A burst pipe, triggered sprinkler system, or overflowing toilet* can be a massive headache for any property manager. But any amount of unwanted water is an inconvenience and a nuisance to clean up. The trained professionals at Spectrum can help manage the situation efficiently.

Arriving on scene quickly after a flood is paramount to the recovery process. At Spectrum, we strive to respond within one hour in an effort to:

  • Shut down the water and reduce potential damage.
  • Install fans to dry your facility as quickly as possible.
  • Determine the cause of the flood.
  • Assess damage and remediation requirements.
  • Control odours and sanitize affected areas.
  • Take preventative steps to avoid mould growth.
  • Organize restoration, as needed.

*Other common internal causes of flooding are:

  • Fan coil leak
  • Deteriorated tubing
  • Leaky appliance
  • Fawcett left on
  • HVAC malfunction
  • Erosion/cracked roofing

We’ll create a detailed report of all areas affected by water damage, and our trained Xactimate specialists will prepare a repair estimate in compliance with major insurance company guidelines. Our dedicated team understands it’s essential to return everything to a normal state as quickly as possible!